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 We’re a user-focused mobile app development agency creating delightful and enriching apps that change lives, one human at a time.
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We make certain it’s going to fly before it takes off.
Together we uncover the touches that could make your idea great.
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We’ll help you to discover who you are.
Visual Design
How great it looks is how well it works.
Let’s breathe some life into it.
End-to-End Testing
How will it cope under pressure?
Our Philosophy

At (ADA) App Development Agency we use empathy to empower your users. They know what they want a whole lot better than you do. And as they control whether your product lives or dies, when they speak we think it’s important to listen. So we put them at the very heart of our creation process. It’s a philosophy called User Centred Design (UCD), and it provides us with valuable insights that help to challenge every aspect of the idea. It also allows us to identify at exactly which points their desires, emotions and preferences align with your own business objectives. Which is where fantastically magnificent things happen.

Things that lead to the rest of your users believing your product has been designed just for them. Because of course it has.

Everything we do is about connecting your users with your brand, business or product.
We eat, sleep and breathe mobile. At least our customers think that’s a good thing.
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Great design is taking your brilliant but complicated idea and making it simple, intuitive and satisfying to engage with. It’s the difference between an app interface that does its job and one that, well, doesn’t. This is where we ensure yours does.

Boiled Egg Timer
Converto App
Buzz Someone
Cherish App
Our principles

Everything we do is about connecting your users with your brand, business or product. To help us with us we have 3 very simple principles that we follow.

Simple Rocks
Complexity gets in the way. If we can simplify without compromising, we do.
User First

If it doesn’t work for the user, it doesn’t work full stop. We put users at the centre of our entire process.

There’s no us and no them. We’re all on the same side trying to bring the same product to life.
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Diamonds are forever.
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